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Put The Human Touch Back In Conversations

A Pagealive Video Chat Widget More Than Pays For Itself

Live Coverage Through The Pagealive Website Widget Can Make All Of The Difference.


Boost Conversion Rates


Increase Sales


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create Meaningful Connections With Your Website Visitors

No More Typing Questions In A Ridiculous Chatbox

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Website Communication The Way It Should Be

Pagealive enables you to provide real-time, personalized support and engagement to your website visitors through a live video chat widget on your website homepage. Transform your visitor experience from a passive, one way monologue

into a dynamic, two-way engagement through user-friendly, live video with a real person in-the-moment. Forget chatbots - pagealive fosters meaningful connections and drives conversion rates. Discover the power of 24/7 website coverage.

Increase Conversions On Your Landing Page

Improve Visitor And Customer Experience

Eliminate The Chatbot Loop

Connect With Your Customers Instantly

Enhance Customer Engagement

Pagealive revolutionizes customer engagement by providing a personalized, interactive, and immersive experience, fostering long-lasting relationships.

Increase Conversion Rates

Real-time video chat and co-browsing enable agents to address customer concerns directly, resulting in higher conversion rates and reduced cart abandonment.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

By offering instant support and resolving issues promptly, pagealive ensures high customer satisfaction, leading to positive reviews, referrals, and customer loyalty.

Measure Agent Performance

Analytics tools help you measure  agent performance, and improve approaches to customer handling,  reducing unresolved customer inquiries

Gain Speed To Resolution

Customers gain a faster option of contacting you, as live interactive communication happens in the moment, indicating company interest in being available to the customer when the customer has the need.

Immediate Return on Investment

The low cost of the pagealive widget begins to give you a return on your investment as soon as it is installed. Website visitors immediately feel taken care of when they are greeted by a live, smiling person whose role is to help them, even if their issue can’t be resolved in the moment.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate pagealive into your existing websites and start seeing results immediately.

Responsive Design

The widget's responsive design ensures compatibility across various devices, allowing customers to engage with your brand seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Why You Need The Pagealive Widget On Your Website

Increase Conversion Rates
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Measure Agent Performance
Gain Speed To Resolution
Immediate Return On Investment
Seamless Integration
Responsive Design


Plans That Are Perfect For You


For Small Business


Basic Plan



For Medium Business


Professional Plan


For Enterprices


Enterprise Plan

Professional Plan

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Widget Functions

How It Works

Live Video Chat

With integrated features like chat, screen sharing, and video recording, you can establish face-to-face interactions to foster trust and build stronger connections. With a simple click, visitors can swiftly initiate a conversation with an attendant for personalized assistance with their inquiries and concerns.
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Attendant Portal

Manage your calls in the attendant portal. See which attendants are online and view all pending calls across all your websites. Utilize the transfer link feature for easy call transfers through shareable links. With mobile optimization, attendants can easily log in and join calls using a mobile device or tablet.
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Customize The Pagealive Widget To Match Your Brand

Tailor the widget's appearance to match your brand's identity, enhancing brand recognition and creating a cohesive customer experience. Change colors, add your logo, customize your widget avator to reflect the image you want to reflect. Modify the speech bubble message and the location of the widget on your website pages.
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All Industries - One Solution

No matter what industry you are in, your business can benefit from a pagealive widget. Our versatile solution can be embedded into any website to imrpove the online experience, provide real-time assistance, and boost conversions.


Feedback From Our Clients


E-Commerce Store Owner

“Our website's customer service has never been better since we implemented the live video chat widget. Our customers love the personal touch and instant support that it provides, and it has helped us increase our customer satisfaction ratings."


Website Manager

”The live video chat widget is an innovative and effective way to connect with our customers. It has helped us build strong relationships. We have received many positive comments about the service. It is easy to use and has been a valuable tool for our business.”

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