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Welcome to the pagealive Channel Program! It's an excellent opportunity for sub-agents like you to dive into the world of customer engagement technology and grow your business. With our cutting-edge Live Video Chat Widget, you can tap into lucrative economic opportunities by giving your clients a top-notch human, interactive website widget solution that meets the increasing demand for live customer support. Let's team up, embrace innovation, and achieve growth together!

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Economic Opportunities for Sub-Agents

Lucrative Market Demand
Recurring Revenue
Differentiation and Competitive Edge
Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities
Business Expansion

Lucrative Market Demand

Joining the pagealive Channel Program positions you at the forefront of the rapidly growing customer engagement technology market, providing access to potential clients across various sectors.

Recurring Revenue

Earn a commission on subscription fees each time you onboard a client and facilitate the adoption of pagealive's Live Video Chat Widget. Expand your revenue potential with a growing client base.

Differentiation and
Competitive Edge

Stand out from competitors by offering pagealive's advanced customer engagement solution, becoming a trusted advisor capable of delivering exceptional experiences and fostering long-term relationships.

Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

Enhance your revenue potential by offering value-added services such as integrating pagealive's widget into existing systems or providing complementary solutions.

Business Expansion

The pagealive Channel Program not only offers financial benefits but also serves as a catalyst for business for growth and increased market visibility.

Thrive with

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The pagealive Channel Program is your gateway to thriving in the customer engagement technology market. Become a sub-agent and offer pagealive's Live Video Chat Widget to your clients to unlock economic potential, enjoy recurring revenue, differentiate yourself from competitors, and expand your business.


Feedback From Our Clients


E-Commerce Store Owner

“Our website's customer service has never been better since we implemented the live video chat widget. Our customers love the personal touch and instant support that it provides, and it has helped us increase our customer satisfaction ratings."


Website Manager

”The live video chat widget is an innovative and effective way to connect with our customers. It has helped us build strong relationships. We have received many positive comments about the service. It is easy to use and has been a valuable tool for our business.”

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