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Civicom began launching technology platforms in 2000 and pagealive is its sixteenth. We look for ways to solve problems by combining software and human services.
Technology is supposed to make our lives better. But anyone who has spent time typing questions into a ridiculous chat box has seen it do the opposite. Thirty years ago, if we wanted to speak with someone at a company, we picked up the phone and called. If a receptionist didn’t answer, we would have concluded that the company was not viable. Today, making contact with a person to help us solve a problem is often utterly impossible.
Sometimes a chat box is suitable. But sometimes website owners want their visitors to have a premium and rewarding experience. Sometimes the product being sold is complicated and needs the back-and-forth of human interaction to convert a website visitor into a customer.

Dear web masters and SEO specialists:

  • Imagine you’ve spent lots of time and money to get a visitor to your landing page. Don’t you want to talk to them? Make it easy!
  • We spend tens of thousands of dollars to attend trade shows, so we can talk to people face-to-face. Why wouldn’t you want to replicate that experience as closely as possible using your web site?
  • Picture a customer who has walked into a costly and beautiful car showroom and has a question. Would you ask them to go over to a corner and type their question in a chat box? No! You’d want to talk to them.
There are times when both buyer and seller want to talk to each other. Make it human and make it easy.
For more about Civicom, please visit our company about us page. https://www.civi.com/about-us/


Feedback From Our Clients


E-Commerce Store Owner

“Our website's customer service has never been better since we implemented the live video chat widget. Our customers love the personal touch and instant support that it provides, and it has helped us increase our customer satisfaction ratings."


Website Manager

”The live video chat widget is an innovative and effective way to connect with our customers. It has helped us build strong relationships. We have received many positive comments about the service. It is easy to use and has been a valuable tool for our business.”

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