3 Reasons Businesses Should Take Advantage of Live Video Chat for Their Websites


As many business website owners know, their website must have a way for guests to reach them. After all, some visitors might have questions about the services or products they want to buy from the website. To that end, some businesses install chatbots so website visitors can receive answers to their inquiries, while other companies opt to have a live chat widget for websites instead.

Recently, however, some businesses have opted for a more advanced method of communication known as live video chat. According to findings by HubSpot Research, 90% of customers deem an immediate response as essential when they have a customer service question. This means that customer service agents must be quick in responding to inquiries. Otherwise, said customers can take their business to brands that can cater to their needs quicker.

Because of the potential consequences mentioned above, a faster method of communication is preferable for business websites. Live video chat support easily helps websites accomplish this. Below are three reasons businesses should take advantage of live video chat for their websites.

Why Business Websites Should Take Advantage of Live Video Chat

1. Provides Improved Real Time Customer Service

Based on a study by Khoros, 83% of customers say they’re more loyal to brands who respond to their inquiries and complaints. That same study also found that 65% of customers have turned to a rival business because of the poor customer experience they had with the initial brand. As such, it’s clear that proper customer service is vital if one is looking to increase conversions on their website. With live video chat, businesses can accomplish this goal.

As stated before, speed is the key when responding to inquiries from website visitors. However, accuracy is another aspect to consider when answering customer queries. Without these, the client can have a poor customer service experience with your website. This can have significant consequences for your business.

By having a live video chat widget on their website, businesses can improve how they offer real-time customer service. Unlike live chat or chatbots, live video chat means customers no longer have to wait to receive a response to their queries. After all, the conversation is constantly flowing with live video chat, allowing them to receive an immediate response.

In addition, it allows agents to apply a show-and-tell methodology, allowing the customer to understand what they’re saying much easier. As a result, it helps customer satisfaction rates increase tremendously.

Finally, live video chat also allows businesses to tailor each experience per customer, offering a more personalized service in the process. Because of this, customers feel even more valued and appreciated. This, in turn, makes it more likely for them to return to avail of what the business is offering.

2. Increases Profits and Sales

Live chat can significantly help businesses in sales as well as retaining customer loyalty. In fact, according to a study by Popupsmart, 52% of customers will most likely remain loyal to companies with a live chat widget for their website. This increases a website’s conversion rates, creating an opportunity for increased sales and profit.

However, by switching to live video chat, website conversion rates can be increased further. Based on research by HubSpot, 93% of customers are likely to frequent companies with excellent customer service. Live video chat can help business websites achieve just that. This is because live video chat allows websites to provide a more human aspect to their customer service. 

Additionally, thanks to its screen-sharing capabilities, it helps customer service agents become more efficient in assisting clients. With screen-sharing, a customer service team can provide clients with in-depth assistance, potentially reducing transaction abandonment rates. As a result, a business can see an increase in sales as well as their overall profit.

3. Increases Customer Support Credibility

Believe it or not, video chat software can increase the credibility of a website’s customer service. When a customer service team assists clients over the phone or live chat, the customer doesn't know who they are talking to. This is because while agents can give customers their names, the clients still won’t know who they're speaking to on a somewhat personal level. This can bring a website’s customer service credibility into doubt.

By using live video chat, customers who need assistance can initiate a face-to-face conversation with an agent. As a result, the website’s customer service becomes more credible. This is because the client can feel comfortable and connected to a person who is actually relatable. With this, you can show that your business is putting genuine effort into ensuring that each customer is taken care of throughout their transaction with you.

Stellar customer service is key when trying to increase your website's conversion rates. As such, it’s beneficial to take advantage of live video chat to cater to your customers’ needs. To get the best live video chat tool for your website, turn to Pagealive. 

Pagealive is dedicated to helping businesses provide a human touch to their standard website customer service efforts. With dedicated live video chat agents at the helm, you can watch your business’ conversion rates and reputation for customer service soar. If you're interested in hearing a detailed explanation of Pagealive and its revolutionary live video chat widget, request a demo here!

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