The Different Ways Live Video Chat is Changing Remote Work


It cannot be denied that, in recent years, the popularity of remote work has been on the rise. Initially a necessity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has become a permanent fixture for many companies worldwide. It was a convenient setup for both the company and its employees, while also keeping people safe from COVID.

According to an article by Forbes Advisor, as of 2023, 12.7% of employees are working from home, while 28.2% are working in a hybrid setup. These numbers are expected to grow further as the years go by. Another article by Technopedia also states that 62% of Gen Z employees reported being more productive when working remotely. In addition, with technologies such as live video chat support, the remote working landscape is also steadily changing.

Many people wonder how technologies like live video chat are changing how remote work is done. This article discusses the different ways video chat software does this.

How Live Video Chat is Changing Remote Work

Increases Team Efficiency, Communication, and Collaboration

Live video chat is a tool often used to improve how a business provides customer service. However, it can also help improve the inner workings of a company, especially one whose employees work remotely. One way live video chat does this is by assisting teams to improve their efficiency. 

When working remotely, teams may face challenges in communicating with one another. This could be due to the absence of visual cues or visible body language, which makes it difficult to interpret the intended message accurately. As a result, the team becomes susceptible to communication errors, which can cause delays in completing any project they are working on together.

By taking advantage of a live video chat, this problem can easily be avoided. Video chatting while working on a team project can strengthen the team’s relationship, increasing communication and efficiency. Additionally, live video chats with the team also cultivate a collaborative environment.

With the assistance of live video chat, communication errors could be avoided before they even start. As a result, a healthy work ethic is fostered between all team members.

Reduces Workloads

Believe it or not, live video chat can help reduce a team’s workload. When working remote jobs, teams usually communicate with one another via email. Unfortunately, sending emails and documents back and forth online only sometimes increases the workload. This is especially true if there is a communication error regarding a task or document sent via email.

As communication via live video chat support is instant, the need to send emails back and forth between team members is reduced. Apart from that, if a part of the task or document needs to be clarified, live video chat allows instant communication to clear things up quickly. As a result, mistakes can be avoided, and a significant amount of time can be freed up to focus on the task at hand.

Eases Transition to a Hybrid Model

Another way technologies like live video chat change how we work remotely is that they can help employees transition to a hybrid model more easily. Before remote work boomed in popularity, meetings and collaboration were often done face-to-face. However, with the prevalence of remote work, employees learned to collaborate by video calling. By learning how to collaborate via live video chat, the transition from a remote to a hybrid model becomes much more manageable.

According to Forbes Advisor, 32% of employees this year much prefer a hybrid schedule. This is because it provides them with a better work-life balance while also allowing for collaboration in the office. With the help of live video chat, employees can still manage their work and personal lives effectively. It enables them to start their day quickly and conduct meetings efficiently. As a result, live video chat helps employees work more efficiently and complete their tasks quickly, even when they are working at the office for the day.

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