Industries That Can Take Advantage of Live Video Chat in 2024


Many industries are enjoying the benefits of live chat nowadays. In fact, according to research conducted by LTVplus, 79% of companies said that having live chat features on their website positively impacted various areas of their business. These include sales, customer loyalty, and revenue.

While live chats and chatbots have become increasingly popular among businesses for their ability to provide efficient and prompt customer service, nowadays, there is a new tool that can better serve clients: live video chat.

It's undeniable that there are benefits of having live chat on your website. But with the increased human interaction provided by video chat’s face-to-face capabilities, companies can better serve their clients in whatever inquiry they may have.

With its renown slowly increasing, some industries are already beginning to switch to live video chat. However, this coming 2024, there  are still other industries out there that can reap the rewards of using live video chat. Below are these industries.

Industries That Can Benefit from Live Video Chat for 2024

Travel Services

Nowadays, many companies related to the travel industry, such as hotels and travel agencies, use live chat services to cater to customer inquiries. Live chat is an excellent advantage for these businesses in catering to their clients as quickly as possible. After all, 90% of consumers expect an immediate response when they have questions about a business’s product or services.

With how businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve, live video chat can significantly enhance customer engagement in the travel industry for the upcoming year. Thanks to this technology, businesses can communicate directly with their clients in real-time. Live video chat support offers various features, such as co-browsing and screen sharing, making it a more interactive and personalized customer experience.

By utilizing the aforementioned features, the need for back-and-forth messaging to retrieve necessary information from the client can be eliminated by 2024. With the help of live video chat, verbal communication can facilitate faster information retrieval and processing. This leads to a more efficient customer service experience for the clients. Moreover, travel services can reap the benefits of a stellar customer service reputation.

Automobile Sales

Some businesses often ask “What are the benefits of live chat?” when deciding whether to implement it into their websites. For the automobile sales industry, having a live chat service on their website is a great advantage since it allows them to offer 24/7 support to their clients. As a result, they can still generate leads even when their physical showroom is closed.

According to research by Calabrio, 60% of consumers will switch brands if they have a negative customer support experience. Automobile sales businesses are no exception to this. This means that proper customer assistance from live chat agents is essential to clients purchasing a vehicle.

Vehicles are an investment, so it’s only natural that they want to ensure they’re getting the best product possible. As such, if they wish to retain a client’s business, automobile dealerships must implement customer service tools such as live chat software.

However, while live chat is a good customer service tool for automobile sales, live video chat can be a better asset. With live video chat, automobile sales agents can provide clients with an online welcome that feels natural. Apart from that, their interactions with the client can also feel more personal. 

Additionally, live video chat allows agents to give a verbal, in-depth explanation about the vehicle the client is interested in purchasing. It would even allow agents to show an image of the vehicle and some of its features  while explaining its details to them. In turn, the client will have a visual reference that helps them better understand what the agent is trying to tell them about the vehicle.

Automobile sales agents can deliver an exceptional customer service experience to their clients by offering personalized customer service through live video chat support. This form of communication allows agents to connect with customers in a more intimate way, which results in higher customer satisfaction levels. By providing such a top-notch service, customers are more likely to remain loyal to the business and not turn to competitors for their needs.

Real Estate

Nowadays, live chat is a great advantage to many real estate websites. After all, with live chat, real estate agents can do various actions to help the business. These include making appointments with clients, generating leads, negotiating with customers, and many more. On the other hand, website visitors can inquire about financing and compare homes from other websites through live chat.

However, while real estate agencies can certainly reap the benefits of live chat, live video chat can help them go the extra mile in the way they provide customer service to potential homeowners. Apart from the aforementioned benefits that one would usually get from live chat, live video chat also allows real estate agents to show clients renditions of the homes they’re thinking of buying while explaining the property’s features to the buyer.

Furthermore, according to research by Exploding Topics, since the real estate market is steadily becoming more and more digitized, 3D tours of homes, which can also be done via live video chat, are expected to be a popular trend by 2024-2026. This makes switching to live video chat as a customer service tool a wise choice now more than ever.

In utilizing live video chat to offer this kind of customer experience, real estate agents can help their clients make an informed decision when purchasing their new home.

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