Top 4 Industries that Benefit from Live Video Chat


Customer experience is a cornerstone of any business. In today’s digital landscape, industries are constantly on the lookout for new ways to engage with customers and prospects. One method that industries are beginning to favor when it comes to increasing their consumer-centric efforts is using live video chat as one of their website’s communication tools. 

As a marketer, you may well be wondering about the benefits of video chat support in acquiring and retaining customers. If you are working in any of the following industries, then it is worth considering taking advantage of one of the fastest-growing communication channels for improving customer service and engagement.

In this article, we will explore the four industries that use live video chat as part of their services and the ways that they benefit from such a feature.

Banking and Finance

Banks use a myriad of methods to offer retail customers increased access to their services. Traditionally contacted by phone or face-to-face, banks now connect with customers via online banking apps, video conferencing, social media, mail-outs, and interactive websites.

While these channels improve the retail banking experience, some banks also go the extra mile by offering live video chat or cobrowsing for customer support. These banks include the U.S. Bank, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase. U.S. Bank, in particular, specializes in cobrowsing where their bankers can assist you digitally as you browse their website. Bank of America has a few branches where you can only video chat with their employees for your banking needs; J.P. Morgan has rolled out a video conferencing service known as “J.P. Morgan Personal Advisors” for those who need their Wealth Management services. 

Banking customer service teams are able to add a human touch to their operations. Connecting via live chat enables customers to have face-to-face conversations with bank customer service representatives from the comfort of their homes whenever they require personalized assistance concerning loans, mortgages, investments, and other financial queries.


Retail is a sector that is heavily reliant on efficient customer interaction. Many e-commerce and retail businesses are developing ways that not only improve their customers’ buying experience but also help to grow their bottom line. This is where live video chat comes in.

By embedding live video chat services, online stores are able to personalize the buying experience and offer a human touch to their services, enabling customers to feel as if they are browsing in a brick-and-mortar store. Since live video chat services are in real-time and sometimes are even available 24/7, this enhances the brand’s service and customer experience, ultimately leading to boosted sales revenue. Furniture companies, in particular, are capitalizing on live video chat features by offering one-on-one consultations, answering product inquiries from customers, and bolstering customer satisfaction in the process. 

High street stores, as well as e-commerce businesses, are reaping the benefits of video chat. Live video chat allows on-site customers to follow up with inquiries online and complete their browsing, leading them further down the sales funnel.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, remote medical services have seen a near-meteoric rise in demand globally. Remote healthcare allowed patients, particularly those struggling with chronic illnesses, to be shielded from the pandemic while receiving timely medical attention. Though COVID cases have seen a steep decline compared to 2020, remote medical services using live video chat, dubbed as “Telehealth”, still remain a popular touch point for patients and health practitioners. 

With live chat video services, patients can receive diagnosis and treatment options from their physicians from the comfort of their homes. With virtual healthcare steadily inching its way into aspects of medical education and billion-dollar companies such as AllianzCare and CVS adopting telemedicine as part of their services, it’s entirely possible that providing consultations via live video chat may be normalized to some extent in the coming years.


Even law firms are gradually including live video chat services for their clients. According to the American Bar Association, only 6% of law firms currently leverage live chat on their websites. This is despite the shift to remote work during the pandemic, where many clients become accustomed to video conferencing. Live video chat has the advantage of enabling clients to engage in face-to-face meetings with their legal representative -  leading to time and cost savings for both client and law firm.

Connect With Your Customers Through Live Video Chat

The use of live video chat widgets is steadily increasing as customer engagement evolves. After all, adding a human touch to a business instantly boosts its standing with customers.

If you’re looking for live video chat that improves communication with customers, patients, or clients, consider pagealive’s video chat services. With our engagement tool, your business can enjoy the benefits of video chat by connecting more effectively with customers, leading to increased revenue for your business.

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