The Psychology of Live Video Chat


In recent years, live chat widgets for websites have seen a rise in popularity as a customer service tool. This can be attributed to its ease of use and accessibility on any platform or device. The prompt customer service responses satisfies customers immediately and demonstrates an appreciation for their time. In fact, according to a Forrester study, 33% of consumers expect to see a live chat service when they visit a website.

However, live video chat widgets are also emerging as an innovative and effective customer service tool. Considered as a step above chatbots or even live chats, live video chat offers a human touch to every customer interaction. Apart from that, it’s also a versatile tool, able to cater to a wide variety of industries, such as retail, healthcare, education, and even finance.

But why are consumers becoming drawn to live video chats? In this article, we’ll look at the psychology behind live video chat support.

The Psychology of Live Video Chat

There’s a psychological aspect as to why customers could start preferring video chats as a way of providing customer service. A 2020 ScienceDirect study revealed that people tend to be more confident and calm when interacting via video chat. The same study also indicated that this is likely because the availability of both verbal and non-verbal cues in the interaction allowed people to feel more natural and personal during video chat.

There are other reasons why people could feel at ease with video chat support. One reason is that video chat allows customers to resolve complex problems face-to-face. While live chat can help resolve customers’ issues or answer their questions, live video chat has the advantage of being able to provide a human touch when offering customer support. This can help put customers at ease, knowing that an actual representative can assist them with their inquiries.

By using live video chat as a customer support tool, a customer service team can prevent communication errors with clients. This is because, through video chat, participants can gauge body language and facial expressions. As a result, clients can understand the agent's intent better when compared to written communication. Apart from that, if a customer finds it challenging to use a particular product, video chat allows a representative to assist them in real time by showing them how the product works.

A website with a live video chat widget can also create a personalized experience for customers who require assistance. According to Zendesk’s 2022 CX Trends report, around 68% of customers expect a personalized experience when dealing with online businesses. Another study by Epsilon Marketing, meanwhile, found that 80% of customers are more likely to avail of a business’s products and services if a personalized experience is provided.

Providing a personalized experience improves customer relations because clients will feel important and valued by the business that they’re dealing with. Additionally, it will foster a sense of trust in the business they are dealing with. This personalized experience will encourage clients to return and continue using a company's products and services.

Make Customers Feel at Ease with Live Video Chat Widgets

Customers can be apprehensive about conducting business with companies online. However, video chatting with clients can make them feel valued and at ease when doing business with you. As a result, you are helping them develop trust in both your company and what it has to offer. As such, be sure to consider using live video chats as your business’s main customer support tool.

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