5 Ways Live Video Chat Software Boosts Sales


Customers want fast, personalized, and convenient engagement with businesses. 

Your online customers expect an instant response to their questions and are more likely to journey down the sales funnel if your business connects with them through live channels. A global survey conducted by LivePerson has shown that around 83% of customers need assistance before they buy a product while shopping online. Forrester also found that 55% of customers will drop off the sales funnel if they do not receive an immediate response to their questions. 

By integrating live video chat into your website, you can increase the likelihood of solid leads and ultimately hit your targets. Let’s dissect the five ways live video chat can increase your conversion rates.

1. Improves Customer Service and Customer Loyalty

Most companies use live chat apps for sales and other aspects of their business. While it’s a good feature to have for any business, these apps sometimes have their shortcomings. These include slow response times and the “Chatbot Loop.” With live video chat, however, you can quickly increase customer loyalty because it allows you to interact with them directly.

By having a live video chat feature on your website, you can answer inquiries immediately. This allows customers to feel connected to your business, increasing customer service levels and satisfaction. Consequently, you win valuable customer loyalty, resulting in a patron who will repeatedly return to avail of your products and service.

2. Increase Conversion

Live video chat features can convince website visitors to avail of your business’ products and services. Post-sales support is no longer the only thing that matters to customers. Proactive engagement with customers at every touch point is vital to making a  sale. Live video chat can assist your business in reducing cart abandonment and bounce rates by proactively engaging with customers as they journey down the sales funnel.

With live video chat services, you can grab the opportunity to inform your customers about the benefits of your products and services while you’re assisting them. This also gives you an opening to convince them to push through with their purchase, resulting in increased sales. In addition, if there are any issues with the product they bought from you, live video chat services allow you to bounce back from such setbacks by quickly identifying and resolving the problem.

According to a 2022 Forbes article, 58% of customers are willing to pay more for high-quality customer service. After all, it makes them feel taken care of and valued by a business. For your part, it allows you to increase your sales and profit significantly. As such, if you’re looking to improve your business and customer service, opt for a live video chat feature instead.

3. Increases accessibility

By offering live video chat services on your business’ website, you’ll be able to increase its accessibility.  Some disabled customers may find using customer support tools such as live chat software or chatbots difficult. By utilizing live video chat instead, employees can guide disabled customers through what they need every step of the way. Of course, this would result in increasing their customer loyalty and help you make a sale at the same time.

In addition, showing that your website is inclusive to customers might help increase your clients. Remember, being inclusive is one of the important aspects customers look for in a business nowadays. After all, every customer likes to be included, especially if they need the products and services that your business offers.

Finally, some customers are also technologically challenged. Therefore, it might be hard for them to understand the benefits of your products or grasp directions coming from a mere chatbot. However, by talking to an actual person via live video chat, it’s possible they’ll be able to understand your directions or sales pitch better.

Remember, whether you own a big or small business, live video chat features can significantly assist you in making your website more accessible. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use such features to your advantage when running your company.

4. 24/7 Support and increased security

One reason live video chat apps are more beneficial than live chat apps for sales is because they can also be used to offer 24/7 support. After all, if simple live chat apps can offer 24/7 support, why can’t live video chat apps do the same? This is a great advantage if your website caters to customers all over the globe. Having a round-the-clock service means your business can address all customer concerns and provide in-depth assistance no matter the time of day. 

Apart from that, live video chat features are often safe and reliable. This is because they leverage advanced encryption technologies to keep customer information and history secure. Both cases can result in increased sales and customer satisfaction, potentially turning them into loyal patrons in the process.

5. Stand out from the competition

Live video chat is a feature that is still new to many industries. As such, many of these businesses still use chatbots or live chat to cater to their customers’ needs. As we know, some customers aren’t always satisfied with this, as not all live chats can assist customers 24/7.

Additionally, chatbots aren’t always optimized to assist customers with complex needs. This often results in the dreaded “Chatbot Loop,” which can often frustrate the customer.

By taking advantage of live video chat features for your website, you can easily stand out from your competitors. Through this feature, you can assist customers in real time, encouraging them to avail of your services more. Use your business’ reputation for stellar customer service as a result of your live chat feature’s round-the-clock support, and you’ll soon find that customers prefer your services over your rivals.

If you want to improve your conversion rate and customer satisfaction, turn to pagealive. Pagealive is an innovative tool that allows you to add live video chat widgets to your business’ website. By adding a human touch, you can offer exceptional customer service and increase your sales simultaneously. 

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